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1000LPH One-stage RO Water Treatment Machine / Purification Equipment

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water treatment technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove impurities and contaminants from water. RO systems are widely used in a variety of applications, including Drinking water purification,Industrial water treatment and Food and beverage processing.

Capacity: 1000L per hour

Model: Fiber glass or stainless steel

Reverse Osmosis System Advantages:

Unmatched Efficiency and Convenience:

  1) Continuous Pure Water Production: Enjoy a constant stream of purified water with our highly automated system.

  2) Chemical-Free Regeneration: Eliminate the need for harsh chemicals with our user-friendly regeneration process.

Premium Quality and Reliability:

  1) Advanced DOW Membranes (USA): Experience exceptional performance with top-of-the-line DOW membranes, imported directly from the United States.

Intelligent Automation for Peace of Mind:

  2) Automatic Level Control: The system automatically switches on when water levels are low and off when they reach capacity, preventing overflow.

  3) Self-Cleaning Membranes: Reduce potential contaminants and extend membrane life with automatic membrane washing.

  4) Multi-Stage Pump Protection: Built-in safeguards protect the pump from damage during water shortages.

  5) Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring: Continuously monitor water quality with an integrated production water conductivity meter.

Sustainable Design and Cost-Effectiveness:

  1) Reduced Operating Costs: Experience long-term cost savings with low operational expenses.

  2) Extended System Lifespan: Enjoy reliable performance for years to come with our durable design.

Intuitive Control and Maintenance:

  1) PC Program Controller: Benefit from user-friendly PC program control for effortless operation.

  2) Simplified Maintenance: Easily manage and maintain your system with features like auto membrane flushing.

Environmentally Friendly and Efficient:

  1) Eco-Conscious Design: Minimize your environmental impact with features like low power consumption.

  2) Automatic Flushing and Backwash: Enhance system efficiency and reduce waste with automated flushing and backwash cycles.

  3) Advanced Pressure Protection: Ensure system safety with low and high-pressure protection features.

Working Flow:

STEP1: Sand Filter:  Use quartz sand media with a diameter of 2-4mm to remove some big suspended solids like colloids, rust, mud, impurity etc.

STEP2: Carbon Filter:  Active carbon can absorb some organism, dissolved air, odor & color matter etc.

STEP3: Softener:  Use cation exchange resin to remove Calcium, Magnesium etc. to make soft water.

STEP4: Security Filter: Use 5 -20 micron sediment cartridge filter / bag filter, to remove the passed suspended solid from pre-treatment, so that to ensure the safety of the entrance of RO system.

STEP5: Reverse Osmosis: The nanometer RO membrane can intercept the inorganic salt, heavy metal ions, organic matter, colloid, bacteria, viruses and other impurities but H2O of the source water, so it can produce the pure water.

Flow Chart:

Tap water → Tap water tank →Booster pump →Mechanical filter→ Active carbon filter → Security filter


→pressure pump→Filtration System→Pure water tank    

water treatment

Design Foundation:

1) Water source: City tap water ≤1000 us

2) Water output capacity:1,000L/H(25℃)

3) Water treatment requirement: Correspond with water quality analysis report from clients;

4) Water utilization rate: 50-75%;

5) Operation: Full automatic PLC control, flux & water quality will display automatically;

6) Water temperature: 5-35℃;

7) Chemical medicine: supplied by clients;

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