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2000BPH Automatic Rotary 5L Bottles Water 3-in-1 Filling Machine

The Automatic Rotary Water 3-in-1 Filling Machine is a high-efficiency machine that can wash, fill, and cap bottles in one operation. It is suitable for filling 5L to 10L bottles of water, juice, and other beverages.

Production capacity: 2000BPH for 5L
Rinsing head: 12 heads
Filling head: 12 heads
Capping head: 4 heads
Bottle size: 5L to 10L


The automatic rotary washing filling capping machine is a 3-in-1 machine that is used to wash, fill, and cap bottles. It is suitable for a variety of liquids, including water, juice, and beverages. The machine is made of high-quality stainless steel and is easy to operate and maintain.


 1) Fully automatic operation

 2) High efficiency and productivity

 3) Easy to operate and maintain

 4) Suitable for a variety of liquids

 5) Made of high-quality stainless steel

Technical Parameter:


Technical Parameter

Production Output

2000BPH @ 5L bottle

Rinsing heads

12 pcs

Filling nozzles

12 pcs

Capping heads

4 pcs

Suitable to PET bottle Size

Diameter Φ140~Φ170mm  


Suitable to Caps

42mm plastic Screw Caps  or other diameter

Washing Water Required

1000 liter per hour

Washing Pressure Required


Working Power

380V AC 3-phase

Compressed Air Pressure (for caps arranger)


Compressed Air Consumption (for caps arranger)


Control Panel Power

24V DC

Filling Pressure

Normal pressure (gravity)

Gross Weight

4500kgs approximately

Machine dimension

L 2.8M * H 3.2M

Total Power


Advantages of 3-in-1 Water Filling Machine for 5L Bottles:

This high-efficiency machine integrates rinsing, filling, and capping into a single, automated system designed specifically for 5L water bottles.  Here's a closer look at the benefits each station offers:

A. Rinsing Station: Effective and Eco-Friendly Cleaning

 1) Hygienic Construction: The water distributor combines a food-grade rubber plate with a SUS304 stainless steel cover for superior hygiene. A matching SUS304 water collecting tray further ensures a clean environment.

 2) Thorough Cleaning: The innovative spraying injection design guarantees a complete wash for each bottle.

 3) Water Conservation: A built-in washed water recycling system promotes sustainability by minimizing water waste.

B. Filling Station: Precision Filling for Accurate Levels

 1) Reliable Gravity Filling: The machine utilizes a dependable gravity filling system for consistent operation.

 2) High-Accuracy Filling: SUS304L construction filling nozzles ensure exceptionally precise filling levels for every bottle.

 3) Sanitary Materials: The liquid bowl and pipeline system are constructed entirely from SUS304L stainless steel, promoting hygiene.

 4) Adjustable Filling Levels: Achieve the desired filling level with ease by selecting different silicone gaskets – a quick and convenient changeover process.

 5) Automatic Liquid Level Control: The liquid bowl features an automatic water level controller for seamless operation.

C. Capping Station: Automated Capping for Efficiency

 1) Automated Capping System: The machine boasts an automatic cap arranging and feeding system for efficient operation.

 2) Reliable Capping Heads: Electromagnetic capping heads with burden discharge functions ensure secure capping of each bottle.

 3) Durable Construction: The entire capping station is constructed from SUS304 stainless steel for longevity.

 4) No-Bottle, No-Cap Sensor: The machine automatically stops operation when a bottle is absent, preventing wasted caps.

D. Advanced Features for Smooth Operation:

 1) PLC and Touchscreen Control: The user-friendly PLC control system with a touchscreen control panel allows for intuitive operation.

 2) Safety and Alarm Systems: A light alarming system automatically stops and signals the machine in case of malfunctions. An emergency switch provides an additional layer of safety during operation.

 3) Operational Flexibility: A jog switch facilitates easy machine testing during setup or troubleshooting.

 4) Quick Changeover Design: The neck hanging design allows for effortless and rapid changeover of parts.

 5) Easy Cleaning: The SUS304 machine frame with a tempered glass window ensures a clean and professional look, while also being easy to clean.

 6) Durable Construction: All SUS304 columns and table covers provide superior structural integrity. The iron machine table and base are treated with an anti-rust paint process for long-lasting performance.

 7) Manual Lubrication System: A manual lubrication system simplifies maintenance procedures.

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