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Automatic Pallet Stacking Machine



Ø Pallet conveyor feeding line

Ø Lift-up&down, stacking equipment(host machine)

Ø Robot hand

Ø Self pallet feeder

Machine working process:

   A, Feeding and ranging: The cartons are feeding to the ready-stock area through feeding conveyor, then been put in correct position to be gripped in next step.

   B, Carton stocking equipment

When the carton been ranged, the robot hand would goes down to grip it and put onto pallet(or the last layer) automatically. Frequency converter motor make the palletizer lift up, down and toward or backward.


Machine material:

Ø Machine body: SS41(A3 steel paint)

Ø Axis: S45C Bearing steel

Ø Roller: double-end bearing roller (galvanized)

Ø HoodSS41(A3steel paint)

Ø Feeding plate: SS41(A3steel paint)


Ø Touch screen shows speed, failure causes and failure position. Highly automatic;

Ø PLC control  ensures palletizing in orders and accurate counting. Pallet feeding and discharging can be put into PLC programme;

Ø Stable, efficient and labor-saving;

Ø Palletizing layer-by-layer. Advanced structure, stable performance and low power-consumption;

Ø Automatic speed ajusting, carton feeding, sorting, palletizing, defective pallet and palletized pallet discharging;

Ø Powerful diagnostic function and display function of safety and failure ensures human safety;

Ø Easy adjusting on touch screen;

Ø Easy to operate;

Ø Easy for maintenance.

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