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Automatic Special Honey Bag Packing Machine

The sauce packaging machine adopts vacuum bevel cutting method 
to achieve the effect of bevel bag, and adopts advanced PLC 
plus photoelectric control system.,adjusted touch screen.
  • ES-420L

  • ES AQUA Machinery

  • L01


ES AQUA Machinery

Applicable bag type:Pillow bag, gusset bag, seal type bag, pyramid bag, standup pouch bag, bag with holes, chain bag, zip lock bag, four side seal bag, three side seal bag etc.

Applicable film material: A variety of laminated films, plastic film, aluminum film, single layer PE film.    Film thickness range from 0.04mm to 0.15mm

The sauce packaging machine adopts vacuum bevel cutting method to achieve the effect of bevel bag, and adopts advanced PLC plus photoelectric control system.,adjusted touch screen.

It can automatically complete the processes of measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, printing the production date, and cutting easy to tear. through the rotor Pump feeding, precise metering of packaging system.

Touch screen can control grams,more convenient to use.This machine can be used for automatic packaging of various liquid and paste-like items in food, chemical, daily chemical and other industries, such as:
Baking category: butter, salad dressing, cheese, custard, egg liquid, etc.;
Fillings: lotus seed paste, bean paste, pineapple, winter paste, Wu Ren stuffing, etc.;
Sauce: tomato sauce, sesame sauce, chili sauce, strawberry sauce, durian sauce and other jams;
Beverages: scented tea, coconut fruit, jelly, ice cream syrup and other tea ingredients;
Chinese food: dry yellow sauce, chili oil, hot pot oil, peanut butter, sesame sauce, porridge, soy milk, meat filling, shrimp slip, etc.;
Western food: curry sauce, meat sauce, satay sauce, chocolate sauce, etc.;
Glue: wallpaper glue, jelly glue, rice glue, construction glue, etc.;
Greases: lithium-based grease, beauty paraffin, beeswax, industrial additives.

Product Description

Model NO.
Forming Function
Forming, Filling, Seal
Driven Type
Material Type
Packaging Material
Warranty of Core Components
1 Year
Core Components
Motor, PLC, Other
Coding Device, Conveyor
Measuring Range
SS304 Food Grade+Plastic
Film Width
Bag Width
50-200 mm
Bag Length
50-300 mm
Packing Speed
5-60 Bags/ Min
Gas Consumption
0.3cubic Meter/ Min
Type of Sealing
Pillow Bag or 3/4 Side Seal Bag
Packing Material
Transport Package
L1200XW1800XH1700 mm

      ES AQUA 
HS Code
Production Capacity
15 Set/Per Month
ES-420L Automatic  Packing Machine 
Film width
Film thickness
Bag width
50-200 mm
Bag length
50-300 mm
Packing speed
5-60 bags/ min
Gas consumption
0.3cubic meter/ min
Machine dimensions
1200*1800*1700 mm
Machine weight
450 kg
Type of sealing
Pillow bag or 3/4 side seal bag
Packing material


1. Chinese and English touch screen display, intuitive and simple operation.
2. PLC computer control system, more stable operation, can adjust any parameters without stopping.
3. Ten groups of parameters can be stored, and the replacement of varieties is more accurate.
4. The servo motor is used to pull and touch, and the positioning is more accurate.
5. Independent temperature control system, the accuracy can reach +1°C.
6. The horizontal and vertical sealing temperatures are independently controlled, which can be well applied to various PE
composite films and other packaging materials.
7. The styles of packaging are diversified, such as back seal, gusset, even bag, punching, etc.
8. Bag making, sealing, packaging, and date printing can be done at one time.
9. The working environment is clean and the noise is low.

After Sales Service:

1. Guaranty: One Year.

2. One set of consumable accessories will be provided with the machine.

3. Any question, you can mail/call us at any time.  And our most experienced engineers are assigned to give consulting service, and always available for dispatching abroad.

4. All spare parts are always available for delivery.

5. Manual is in English.


If really don't know how to install and operate after showing the video and telephone instruction, you can ask for installation from us.  It must be after shipment till the machine has arrived and factory must be ready equipped with all necessary requirements before booking installation.  Our engineers will come to the site for the complete and final installation.  During the installation session, a training course will be provided to our customers about operation and maintenance procedure.  The following costs should be paid by the buyer, including engineer's all local transportation, accommodation, and air tickets (round trip).

YOU MAY ES 420Lmachine series models FAQ.

1.How many grams product this machine can pack?

This machine can pack 50g-2kg product in one bag.

Just for reference,auctual grams need to combine ur bag aizel

2.How is packing speed?

Generally this machine speed can be 5-60bagsAmin.

3.Is machine have bag size limited?

Sure,this machine can pack max.

film width is 420mm.

It can make bag length :60-300mmIt can make bag width:40-200mm

4.If I have several bag size,how to adjust on this machine?

Different bag length,we change pramater on the touch screen.

Different bag width,we will have differnt bag ferming to you.


Is liquid,powder,granule can share one machine to pack ?dNope,my team will suggest you:Liquid use liquid machine like 420L,Powder use powder machine like 420P,Granule use granule machine like 420G.


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