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Fully Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine is with high automatization, strong corrosion resisting, simple to operate and convenient to maintain. Wrap label widely used in each kind of bottled product, like the drinks, the healthy product, the cosmetics, wash product, the medicine (agriculture) leechdom, petroleum etc. the product.

Equipment general introduction:

This machine massively has used the aluminum alloy and high strength, the anti-corrosive stainless steel, causes the machine over all overhead construction firmer durable, in the machine performance the modulation, the human nature design causes each adjustment easier, the replacement model is simpler. Using the man-machine contact surface in the control system to control, which is easy to study and understand.

sleeve labeling machine

Main technical parameter of the equipment:




  ≤ 9000BPH(Calculation of standard length≤100mm



Whole line productive efficiency

   ≥95%(Calculation of 24 hours)

Applicable diameter of bottle

    Æ28mm ~Æ 125mm

Applicable length of label

  30mm ~250mm

Applicable thickness of label

   0.027mm ~0.13mm

Label material


Label transparent space


Volume label inside diameter


Volume label outside diameter



  AC380V,50/60HZ, three phase

 label sleeving machine output


Shrink tunnel output

   0.37KW(steam shrink tunnel)

Steam pressure


shrink sleeve labeling machine


  a. Ease of Use: "User-friendly interface allows for quick setup and operation, reducing the need for extensive training."

   b. High Efficiency: "Rapid labeling process saves time, improving overall production efficiency in your facility."

   c. Accuracy: "Precise placement of labels ensures a professional finish on every product, maintaining brand consistency."

   d. Versatility: "Suitable for a wide range of containers and label sizes, making it adaptable to various labeling needs."

   e. Durability: "Built with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance."

   f. Cost-Effective: "Energy-efficient design helps reduce operational costs without compromising on labeling quality."

   g. Compatibility: "Compatible with different types of media including paper, plastic, and film labels."

   h. Customizable: "Offers customizable settings for labeling speed, label size, and label positioning to meet specific requirements."

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