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Tea Bag Packing Machine, Filter Paper Tea Powder Pouch Packing Machine

It can automatically complete the functions of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting and counting.
It is suitable for automatic packaging of crushed tea, medicinal tea, coffee, plants and other similar products
  • ES-10T

  • ES AQUA Machinery

  • T01


ES AQUA Tea Bag Packaging Machine

Model NO.
Dairy Products, Tea, Vegetable, Fruit, Snack, Rice, Flour
Forming Filling Sealing Machine
Forming Species
Bag Moulding
Forming Function
Forming, Filling, Seal
Driven Type
Material Type
Packaging Material
Bamboo, Wood
Production Speed
Bag Width
Film Width
Bag Height
Sealing Type
Back Sealing
Filling Range
Transport Package
Sea and Road Transportation
Production Capacity
200 Set/Month


1. Chinese and English touch screen display, intuitive and simple operation.
2. PLC computer control system, more stable operation, can adjust any parameters without stopping.
3. Ten groups of parameters can be stored, and the replacement of varieties is more accurate.
4. The servo motor is used to pull and touch, and the positioning is more accurate.
5. Independent temperature control system, the accuracy can reach +1°C.
6. The horizontal and vertical sealing temperatures are independently controlled, which can be well applied to various PE
composite films and other packaging materials.
7. The styles of packaging are diversified, such as back seal, gusset, even bag, punching, etc.
8. Bag making, sealing, packaging, and date printing can be done at one time.
9. The working environment is clean and the noise is low.

Product Description

1. The Inner and outer bag tea packing machine has the function of auto filling, bag sealing, thread affixing, labelling, external bag heat sealing, auto counting, etc. 

2. It conforms to food hygiene standard ,and low cost high-efficiency ideal equipment for tea and foodstuff industrial sector. 

3. It is mainly used packaging of medicine tea,beauty-slimming tea, health-strengthening tea or other similar fine-particle products. 
The machine is a latest type of heated sealing packing machine , which has multifunction ,can automatically packing ,  
the main future of the machine is one-time packing of the inner and outer bag , avoiding hands directly contacting with stuff materials , improving the efficiency .  
 the inner bag is made of filter cotton paper , which can be automatically packed with thread and label. The outer bag is composite paper, 
the advantages are photoelectric location for the bag and outer bag, adjustment to the need of the content, length of inner bag and outer bag, and tag , 

the dimension of inner and outer bag can be adjusted according to the need that to achieve the perfect shape , to upgrade the appearance for the product , then add the value of it ,

After Sales Service:

1. Guaranty: One Year.

2. One set of consumable accessories will be provided with the machine.

3. Any question, you can mail/call us at any time.  And our most experienced engineers are assigned to give consulting service, and always available for dispatching abroad.

4. All spare parts are always available for delivery.

5. Manual is in English.



If really don't know how to install and operate after showing the video and telephone instruction, you can ask for installation from us.  It must be after shipment till the machine has arrived and factory must be ready equipped with all necessary requirements before booking installation.  Our engineers will come to the site for the complete and final installation.  During the installation session, a training course will be provided to our customers about operation and maintenance procedure.  The following costs should be paid by the buyer, including engineer's all local transportation, accommodation, and air tickets (round trip).

FAQ of Inner Outer Coffee Bag Packing Machine 

♣Ask:1.What kind of product your inner outer coffee bag packing machine can pack? 
Inner outer coffee bag packing machine is suitable for tea, herbal tea, health tea and other small particles grassroots class of inner and outer bag disposable packaging. 
Ask:2.What's the voltage of your inner outer coffee bag packing machine? 
220V/380V,other voltage can be customized. 
Ask:3.How can I get quotation? 
Send your requirements(size,box)and leave your email,we will send you quotation soon. 
Ask:4.Do you have automatic or semi-automatic inner outer coffee bag packing machine? 
Yes,we have several models can be choose. 
Ask:5.Which kind of payment method you can accept? 
T/T.Western Union,L/C. 

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