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Wahaha Officially Launches the 2024 Laboratory Water Support Program

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-12-12      Origin: Site


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On March 18th, Wahaha officially announced the launch of its 2024 Laboratory Water Support Program. It is understood that in 2024, Wahaha plans to donate 596 tons of Wahaha purified water, specifically sponsoring laboratories at national research institutions, medical organizations, universities, and other entities requiring high-standard purified water. The first round of registration for this program will take place from March 18th to April 2nd, 2024.

Public information reveals that in September 2021, Wahaha initiated the "Laboratory Water Support Program," providing free purified water for laboratory use throughout the year to select universities and major research institutions across the country. In the official announcement, it was stated that the initiative aims to "support academic efforts and contribute modestly to the development of scientific research."

According to Wahaha's records, the Wahaha purified water series was introduced in 1996, utilizing reverse osmosis technology to rigorously remove impurities and harmful metals from the water, ensuring its purity and a sweeter, more refreshing taste. It is reported that in 1996, after an overseas inspection, Zong Qinghou discovered that astronauts abroad were drinking "purified water" made using reverse osmosis technology, which was more cost-effective and tastier than domestically produced distilled water. Recognizing the importance of drinking water quality for public health, he was determined to be the first to introduce reverse osmosis technology and equipment to produce high-quality purified water in China.

It is known that Wahaha purified water is meticulously sourced from safe water supplies nationwide and undergoes multi-layered deep filtration technology, supplemented by activated carbon adsorption and purification treatment. Combined with advanced RO reverse osmosis deep purification technology, the process effectively removes various harmful substances and impurities from the water. This deep production process for drinking water is safe, efficient, stable, and energy-saving, resulting in purified water that is pure, sweet, and has higher solubility.

There was an observant netizen who discovered that Wahaha purified water had become the recommended water for the international biotech company Applied Biosystems. The company has stringent requirements for water purity in its daily experiments, and Wahaha purified water meets these standards, leading to its recommendation. This recognition has brought Wahaha purified water, which has been low-key for many years, into the limelight among netizens. Pure water is one of the most commonly used reagents in laboratories and is widely applied in scientific research, testing, medicine, food, and other fields. From ordinary glassware cleaning to precise instrumental analysis, pure water plays a crucial role. Especially in analytical experiments, the quality of pure water can even directly determine the authenticity and reproducibility of experimental results.

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