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Automatic Flat and Round Bottle Multi-function Labeling Machine

It's a round bottle labeling machine, can labeling on both side and circular surface of bottles, can meet to label on flat,square and other not normal bottles where on both side or one side, around circular or semi around to label. Widely be used in cosmetics and daily chemical line

Construction of machine

APrincipal machine section

YASKAWA ultra-small inertia servo motor, YASKAWA servo amplifier, Danfoss frequency converter, Panasonic motor, Siemens Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), HITECH color HMI (in English and Chinese user interface),Germany sick label sensor,leuze bottle sensor

BMechanical part

New design labeling head: using boshang patent design of new concept, increasing strong rigidity making,multi-dimensional adjustment

Transport sector: Taiwan imported AC motor , Danfoss frequency converter adjust the speed

Guide Bottle institution: double coordinates adjusted scratch check rails in SS.

Bottle dividing institution: Panasonic Motor, frequency control of motor speed

New style patent synchronous chain correcting institution: Panasonic motor, frequency converter adjust the speed , synchronous with the conveyor. Top belt holder Pressing institution: spiral bevel gear transmission, synchronized with the conveyor institution

Scratch label institution: sponge spring steel plate combination, Teflon patch.

Pressure label institution 1: Combination non-power roller, quickly removable to accommodate different sizes of labels

Machine host : it is made of 304SS and high quality material 

Machine design is reasonable strong rigidity.

It can increase round bottle institution (the price need be discussed): Particularly suitable for the whole high demanding paste; three-roller automatic orientation can greatly reduce the cone due to product labeling and other unknown factors that caused the error (Which can be achieved with one label of round bottle any post, installing electric eye can achieve positioning stickers, one label can post all faces, two labels symmetric and positioning post etc.).


This machine is called front and back labeling machine, suitable for front and back labeling of flat bottle and round bottle labeling (when the label size is not over 1/3 girth of round bottle)

Can quickly switch to a different size bottle , simple to cooperate,orderliness beautiful, clean, easy to wash

Applicable to all industries double sides labeling products, such as daily chemicals, petroleum, machine oil, cleaning supplies, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and so on.

 Special Note: 1, when labeling for some irregular oval round bottle , there may add an additional fixed mold labeling, otherwise the bottle is too thin, in this case may the bottle can’t be labeling pretty and high unqualified . These additional charges to be discussed.

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